Top Message - To our stakeholders -

Aiming to remain indispensable to the local communities

The H2O Retailing Group's business environment is being transformed by trends such as a maturing market, diversifying individual lifestyles, increasingly fierce competition across different business sectors and globalization.
Eyeing the long-term future of the retailing business, and to respond quickly to the fast-changing business environment, the Group is promoting the GP10 Plan Stage II, a 10-year business plan that began in the fiscal year 2015.

We aim to become a general lifestyle provider that is engaged in every aspect of consumers' lives by meeting a full range of needs, from daily shopping to special purchases. This will entail our two core businesses,the department store business centered on the main stores of both the Hankyu and Hanshin department store chain, and the supermarket business including the Izumiya and Hankyu Oasis store chains. We will also develop a variety of businesses, such as the commercial facility management business; the hotel business; the specialty store business, which provides cosmetics, ladies' footwear and other products and services; and the restaurant business. And furthermore, we will plan and implement our strategy for new business domains and overseas business for the next decade.

Our corporate name contains the symbol "H2O," which represents water, a substance that is essential to our global natural environment. Staying true to our name, we intend to maintain and hone our competitiveness to ensure that we remain a corporate group that is essential to society, as we envision and execute our new growth strategy.