Department Store Business

Hankyu Hanshin Department Stores, Inc.

Department Stores

Supermarket Business, Inc.

Supply of the system and the know-how of home-delivery service

H2O Foods Group Co.,Ltd.

Management planning and administration of the food business

Hankyu Bakery Co., Ltd.

Manufacture and sale of bread , management of cafe

HANKYU delica i, Inc.

Manufacture and sale of prepared food

Hankyu Food process Co., Ltd.

Process and sales of fresh food

Hankyu Foods, Inc.

Manufacture and sale of laver seaweed and dried foods

Hankyu Kitchen Yell Kansai, Inc.

Membership-based home-delivery service providing groceries and commodities in Kansai Area

Hankyu Oasis Co., Ltd.


Hankyu Sennan Green Farm

Production of organic farm products

Izumiya Co., Ltd.



Management planning and administration of supermarkets




Logistics, manufacture and processing of food, security guard services

Qanat Co., Ltd.


Shopping Center Business

H2O Shopping Center Development Co., Ltd.

Operational management of commercial facilities, sales of apparel and home products

Hankyu Maintenance Service Co., Ltd.

General building maintenance

Hankyu Shopping Center Development Co., Ltd.

Operational management of commercial facilities

Kanso Co., Ltd.

General building maintenance

Oi Development Co., Ltd

Operational management of a hotel

Other Business

asnas Co., Ltd

Convenience stores and kiosks

F.G.J Co.,Ltd.

Sales of personal care products

H2O Smile Co.,Ltd.

Contractor engaged in office work and light work for the company

H2O System Co., Ltd.

Data processing and systems development, etc.

Hankyu Act For

Contractor engaged in bookkeeping and payroll calculation

Hankyu Department Stores Uniform

Sales of uniforms

Hankyu Hanshin Department Stores Tomonokai, Inc.

Membership organization for customer service

Hankyu Hello Dog Co., Ltd.

Sales of pet-accessories

Hankyu Home Styling Co., Ltd.

Sales of furniture and interior goods

Hankyu Job Yell Co., Ltd.

Manpower dispatching and fee-charging employment agency

Hankyu Kensou Co., Ltd.

Manufacture and sales of furniture and furnishings

Hankyu Quality Support

Quality testing and consulting service

Hankyu Trading Services Co.Ltd.

Foreign trade business

Hankyu Wedding

Costume salon for bridal use

Heart Dining, Inc.

Management of cafe, restaurants and company cafeteria

Izumiya Card Co., Ltd.

Insurance agency, credit-card business and travel agency


Sales of electronic gift certificates

Persona Co., Ltd.

Management of services for members of Persona card

Souq Company Co., Ltd.

Product planning/manufacture/wholesaling and event planning/Internet sales, etc.

Suzhou Izumiya Co., Ltd.

A department store in Suzhou, China