Pursuing the unique business model

which realize "deepening our business"

and "gaining social empathy" locally

and simultaneously



President and Representative Director

Naoya Araki

Pursuing the unique business model which realize "deepening our business" and "gaining social empathy" locally and


President and Representative Director

Naoya Araki

Pandemic with the Covid-19 which lasted for three years now seems to cease and society gradually regains calmness and liveliness.
Our group business results are also on the way to recovery, mainly in department store business.


Our management surroundings, however, are drastically changing, due to the transition to digital society accelerated by the pandemic, surging price by the world situation change and increasing sense of money-saving life in our customers.


In the changing surroundings, we proceed steadily with the Long-term business plan 2030, which is the guideline for future business models and business environment, together with the medium-term management plan for the period from FY2022 to FY2024. 


As a “Communication Retailer” aiming to provide each customer with various values, we are also engaged in reforming our group businesses. We are developing the new service utilizing digital technologies and investing in IT and digital realms, as we are further refining our 'existing businesses'.


We also strengthen “Sustainability Management” together with our business activities with deepened bonds with the community. We respond to the needs of the times and society such as decarbonization, resources recycling, diversity and group human rights policy. We think highly of contributing to the sound and sustainable development of local communities and set our Priority Themes of “Deepening the bonds of the community”, “Nurturing local children”, and “Protecting and passing on the richness of local nature”. We have been enhancing our activities in these two years based on these themes.


Initiatives to make local communities fruitful and wonderful are repeated by us, participated by our employees, in collaboration with other companies, local governments, universities, local NPOs and local residents.


Based on the business activities deeply related to local communities and sustainability management activities, both centered in Kansai region, we aim to gain the empathy and trust from communities and consumers.  As a result of this, we are able to simultaneously achieve No.1 customer mindshare and market share. This is our unique business model to enhance our corporate values.