Make sincere efforts to promote safety and quality, decarbonization, resource recycling (plastic-free, food loss reduction, etc.), and diversity.

Direction of Initiatives

【Improving quality control for safety and security】

  • Work to establish a system for thorough quality control of products so that customers can shop with peace of mind.

【Improving safety and security in the event of a disaster】

  • Work to establish and disseminate a BCP to ensure the safety and security of our customers and employees in the event of a disaster.

【Environmental Initiatives】

  • Promote environmental management to reduce our environmental impact (CO2emissions, food loss, plastic emissions, etc.) generated by our business activities.

【Promoting diversity】

  • Promote work-life balance, the advancement of women and seniors, employment of people with disabilities, and support the LGBT community.

Improving quality control for safety and security

We will work to establish a system for thorough quality control of products so that customers can shop with peace of mind.

High-level quality control system

The Food Hygiene and Quality Control Promotion Subcommittee has been established to prevent food accidents by developing a quality control system for the entire group and studying ways to respond to legal revisions.

  • Hankyu Hanshin Department Store
    For in-store products, we regularly conduct spot checks for bacteria, while third-party inspections by an external organization are conducted once a year at suppliers' factories and twice a year at in-store kitchens. If the results are not satisfactory, we request the submission of an improvement report to ensure thorough quality control.
  •  Izumiya
    The private brand (PB) "Style One" products and in-store processed foods that Izumiya manufactures and sells on consignment are sold under consistent and thorough quality control from the development stage. The food processing rooms in our stores are inspected twice a year for hygiene management conditions.
  • Hankyu Oasis
    A product manager has been assigned to the Product Management Office to conduct regular quality checks of PB products from development to sales. In addition, the Internal Audit Department conducts patrol inspections of quality labeling and kitchen food hygiene to ensure thorough quality control.

Food Safety Net「QUALITA」

You can easily check the information such as the ingredients, place of origin, allergens (*), additives, best-before date, storage method, and nutritional information of the products in the Hankyu and Hanshin Department Stores' mid-year and year-end gift catalogs and Hankyu Oasis' PB products "Taste of Hankyu" from your computer or smartphone, so you can enjoy them with peace of mind.

※Information on allergies is provided for the seven mandatory items as well as the 21 recommended items.

Quality control in a food manufacturing plant

The Takatsuki factory of Hankyu Bakery, which manufactures bread, has acquired FSSC 22000 certification, an international standard for food safety management systems issued by a Dutch safety certification organization. In addition, the Ikeda and Nanko factories of HANKYU delica i, Inc, which manufacture prepared foods and other processed products, have acquired Osaka Prefecture's version of food safety and security certification through thorough quality control based on HACCP, and provide safe and secure products.

Organic Vegetable Production「Hankyu Sennan Green Farm」

In 2003, we established Hankyu Sennan Green Farm in Sennan City, Osaka Prefecture, with the aim of providing safe and secure salad vegetables that allow customers to experience the true taste of the ingredients, and we have been growing organic vegetables in (Osaka Pref.) Sennan City, Tajiri Town, and (Wakayama Pref.)Wakayama City. At present, the farm grows organic vegetables in addition to vegetables with less than 50% of standard use of pesticides, including mainly salad vegetables such as lettuce, baby leaves, and salad kale, shipping the vegetables not only to the group's department stores and supermarkets, but also to other group companies.

Improving safety and security in the event of a disaster

We will work to establish and disseminate a BCP to ensure the safety and security of our customers and employees in the event of a disaster.

As the Group operates many commercial facilities, including department stores, food supermarkets, shopping centers, and other facilities that are visited by an unspecified number of customers, we place a high priority on measures against natural disasters, including earthquakes. Reflecting on our response to the many natural disasters that have occurred in recent years, such as the 2018 Northern Osaka Earthquake, we have begun reviewing our initial response manual in the event of a disaster and are working to build a system that will enable us to continue and restore our operations quickly.

Hankyu Hanshin Department Store

Disaster Prevention Practice

To ensure that everyone can be a commander and play a role for others, disaster drills are held every week at both the Hankyu and Hanshin main stores, which are particularly frequented by customers, with themes (earthquake early warning drills, fire evacuation guidance drills, etc.). Since 2016, we have also incorporated tsunami evacuation drills based on the assumption of a Nankai Trough earthquake and have formulated the Nankai Trough Earthquake Response Action Manual to prepare for such an event. In addition, we have distributed a portable "Disaster Response Pocket Manual to all employees to raise their awareness of disaster prevention. In addition, we hold seminars for training ordinary life savers and first aid, and more than 1,500 staff members have participated in these seminars.

Responding to a diverse range of customers and employees

At stores in the city center, where there are many foreign tourists, we have implemented multilingual emergency earthquake alerts and evacuation guidance. In addition, all stores have expanded their
stockpiles to aid those whose journey home has been made more difficult and are strengthening their countermeasures in the event of a disaster.

Izumiya・Hankyu Oasis

In addition to formulating an earthquake countermeasure manual, each store regularly conducts fire drills and disaster drills for earthquakes. We have also concluded disaster relief agreements with local governments in the areas where we have stores to provide supplies and evacuation sites in the event of a disaster.


Izumiya :8 municipalities (Osaka Prefecture, Kyoto Prefecture, Nara Prefecture, Kobe city, etc)
Hankyu Oasis :7 municipalities  (Osaka Prefecture, Toyonaka city, Minoh city, Nishinomiya city, etc)

Agreement signing ceremony between Yao city & Izumiya

In addition, the company and its major subsidiaries have introduced a safety confirmation system, IP wireless phones, LINE WORKS, and web bulletin boards for communication between headquarters to confirm the safety of employees, to enable prompt safety confirmation and information communication in the event of a disaster.

Environmental Initiatives

We will promote environmental management to reduce environmental impact (CO2 emissions, food loss, plastic emissions, etc.) generated by our business activities.

To pass on a beautiful global environment to the future, dealing with climate change is an urgent issue that our generation must address. In addition, natural disasters, which are expected to increase and become more severe due to climate change, will have a significant impact on the business activities of the Group. We believe that it is our responsibility to contribute to the realization of a decarbonized society and have therefore set medium to long-term goals for reducing greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions.


As a long-term goal, we will aim to achieve net zero GHG emissions from the Group in 2050. To achieve this goal, we have set a medium-term target for 2030 and will promote specific  initiatives. In addition to the promotion of energy conservation, such as the introduction of LED lighting, which has been promoted to date, we will switch to renewable energy sources for electricity consumption in our stores. In 2022, the Group will begin switching to renewable energy in its flagship Hankyu Umeda store. We will contribute to the realization of a decarbonized society by promoting multifaceted initiatives while considering social conditions and trends in technological innovation.

Setting medium to long term goals

We have set medium- and long-term greenhouse gas (GHG) emission reduction targets for the realization of a decarbonized society.

Disclosure of information on climate change initiatives

Responded to CDP2020 (Climate Change), disclosing the Group's awareness of climate-related issues, organizational structure, climate-related opportunities and risks, greenhouse gas emissions, and efforts to reduce emissions.

Expansion of the scope of calculation of greenhouse gas emissions and acquisition of third-party guarantees

In addition to Scope 1 and 2, for the first time the Group has calculated its Scope 3 greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions.
In addition, to improve the reliability of our data, we have obtained a third-party guarantee from Deloitte Tohmatsu Sustainability Co., Ltd.for our 2020 energy consumption and GHG emissions (Scope 1, 2, and Scope 3 Category 1).

Switching to Renewable Energy

Plan to start switching electricity used at the Hankyu Umeda Main store to renewable energy in 2022. We are also considering switching to renewable energy for our other major stores.

Efforts to reduce CO2 emissions

Hankyu Hanshin Department Store is promoting the use of LED lighting in its sales floors, and the Hanshin Umeda Main Store, which opened in October 2021, uses 95% LED ceiling lighting in its sales floors.

In addition to the use of LED lighting, food supermarkets are taking energy-saving measures such as installing frozen reach-in showcases (showcases with glass doors), energy-saving control devices, and nighttime curtains for refrigerated open cases.


Izumiya is working to reduce CO2 emissions by purchasing emission credits through proceeds from paid plastic bags, customer participation prize campaigns, and sales of PB products with emission credits.
In 2020, we purchased a total of 2,522 tons of credits from Miyagi and Iwate prefectures and transferred them to the Japanese government free of charge.

Food Waste Recycling

The Hankyu Hanshin Department Store, Izumiya and Hankyu Oasis are working to reduce the amount of food waste generated by their stores and are also promoting initiatives to reuse it as carbonized fuel and animal feed.

Some Izumiya stores have established a "recycling loop" to convert food preparation waste into animal feed.

Environmental Measures Promotion Project

The Hankyu Hanshin Department Store launched the Environmental Measures Promotion Project in May 2021 to promote environmental initiatives. Divided into six subcommittees based on different themes, the project is also working to solve issues specific to department stores, such as resource recycling of clothing items and reuse of fixtures and decorations.

In addition, project members are appointed on a cross-departmental basis, with the aim of raising environmental awareness throughout the company.

At the same time, in the supermarket business, centered on Izumiya and Hankyu Oasis, CO2 and waste reduction are being studied through cross-company projects.

Effective use of resources through container collection

Izumiya and Hankyu Oasis collect food trays, milk cartons, PET bottles, aluminum cans, etc. at their stores. Collected trays and PET bottles are recycled into trays and other products by recycling companies, and then purchased and reused as recycled trays.

Approximately 48% of the trays used in the food sections of Izumiya (agricultural products, livestock, marine products, delicatessen) and 43% of the trays used in Hankyu Oasis are recycled. In addition, as an educational activity for customers, a briefing session on recycling, "Reborn Food Trays and PET Bottles", was held at the Izumiya Obayashi and Ikeda Asahigaoka stores in November 2020 in collaboration with FP Corporation.

Recycling business aiming to support a recycling-oriented society

Kanso Co., Ltd. is engaged in the recycling business with the aim of contributing to a recycling-oriented society. At Kanso's Tsumori Eco Center (Nishinari-ku, Osaka City), styrofoam delivered by group companies and other companies is crushed, melted, and turned into plate blocks, and aluminum cans and milk cartons collected from customers at stores are recycled as resources. We also recycle paper such as expired important ledgers.

The Tsumori Eco Center has also obtained ISO 14001 certification and is promoting initiatives for a recycling-oriented society.

Became the first department store in western Japan to receive Eco Mark certification

In March 2021, Hankyu Men's Osaka became the first department store in western Japan to receive the Eco Mark "Retail Store Version 2.1" certification.

Hankyu Men's Osaka aims to operate its stores in an environmentally friendly manner, and regularly holds in-store SDGs live broadcasts during the hours before the store opens to raise awareness so that all employees can tackle the issue as their own.

In-store, we also conduct environmentally friendly activities with our customers, such as smart wrapping campaigns and repair and maintenance events.

Promoting diversity

Respect for basic human rights

We believe that one of our core missions is to contribute to the creation of a better social environment by maintaining fair relationships with our many stakeholders, including customers, shareholders, business partners, employees, and residents, to realize our basic group philosophy: 
"Continue to be an indispensable part of the local community by providing a living model for local residents”.

We have formulated the "H2O Retailing Group Human Rights Policy" based on an understanding of the corporate responsibility to respect human rights as stated in the United Nations Guiding Principles on Business and Human Rights. The basic human rights policy shared by the Group is to respect the dignity and basic human rights of all people and not to discriminate in any way based on race, nationality, ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation, gender identity, disability, age, creed, or social status.

Based on these basic policies, we will make group-wide efforts to ensure that each employee can conduct business activities with respect for the dignity and basic human rights of various stakeholders.

H2O Retailing Group Human Rights Policy

Universal manners

The Hankyu Hanshin Department Store has been providing universal manners training since 2018. We also support the acquisition of qualifications. We also make use of daily sales floor morning meetings and other times to ensure that each employee has a basic mindset and basic knowledge to promote understanding.

Aiming to create an environment where everyone can work comfortably

As a group whose main business is retailing, we believe that we should actively promote women, and we are working to create systems and raise awareness that support working styles that match different life stages, such as childbirth, parenting, and nursing care, as well as the promotion of women.

Promotion of opportunities for women

H2O Retailing Group currently has a total of seven women serving as executive officers. Although we have not yet achieved our target for the percentage of women in all management positions at Hankyu Hanshin Department Store, Izumiya, Hankyu Oasis and other companies, we will continue to actively promote women based on their career aspirations and aptitudes.

Work-friendly environment

To create a comfortable working environment for employees at various stages of their lives  (such as childbirth, parenting, and nursing care), Hankyu Hanshin Department Stores and other group companies have established a variety of systems, including leave systems and shorter working hours that exceed the statutory requirements, maternity leave for spouses, and telecommuting.

On-site childcare facilities (H2O Childcare)

Currently, we are operating these in the following: "Daily Qanat Izumiya Abiko", "Qanat Mall Izumifuchu", and "Oasis Town KISELA KAWANISHI". We have a nursery that flexibly accepts children in accordance with the diverse working styles of store employees, and many of them use this facility. In addition to employees of our group companies, tenants, and business partners, the center is also available for use by residents, and we are working to make further contributions to balancing work and family life.

Promotion of employment of people with disabilities

H2O Smile Co.,Ltd. was established in 2016 as a special subsidiary for the purpose of calculating the employment rate of people with disabilities. Currently, 28 employees are engaged in clerical work and light work at group companies, and the employment rate of people with disabilities through the entire special grouping of the company is 2.47% (as of June 30, 2021).

Physical & mental health

In addition to annual medical checkups, we are also strengthening our mental health checks. Stress check surveys are conducted even at offices with less than 50 employees (at which we are not legally required to conduct stress check surveys). At some group companies, the H2O Retailing Group Mutual Aid Association takes the initiative in conducting mental health questionnaires once every two years to prevent and detect mental health problems. We also have a system in place that allows employees to consult with an industrial counselor or an independently contracted mental health physician when they have concerns about their health or mental health.

OHS initiatives

Our group is working to establish the necessary safety and health systems for all group companies in accordance with laws and regulations. In addition to the establishment of health and safety committees and regulations for the handling of health information, we have appointed psychiatrists at each of our bases in Kansai (Osaka), Kanto (Tokyo), and Kyushu (Fukuoka) to provide care for employees during their recuperation and when they return to work.

Dialogue between the company and its employees

The  H2O Retailing Group has labor unions in all major operating companies, and labor and management engage in active discussions on such issues as working conditions, the working environment for employees, and ensuring that work rules are thoroughly understood. In addition, at Hankyu Hanshin Department Store, the labor union conducts an employee satisfaction survey of its members. The company conducts awareness surveys among managers and shares the results with them, using them to improve the workplace and consider measures to create a more comfortable workplace.

Group Human Resources Development Policy

At the H2O Retailing Group, we believe that demonstrating individual capabilities for self-fulfillment through work is the driving force for creating new value and responding to change and leads to increased corporate value.
For this reason, we promote human resource development by providing human resource development programs and various types of support to help each employee think about and realize his or her own career plan.

Promotion system

The Group HR office was newly established in January 2021 at the holding company H2O Retailing. The promotion of autonomous careers for employees of each group company, reskilling (retraining) to meet future needs and devising digital education, were launched as one  of the projects of the Group HR office, and are being promoted by each group company.

Direction of promotion

The core company of the H2O Retailing Group: Hankyu Hanshin Department Store, has established the Hankyu Hanshin College, which offers a variety of skill development programs to help employees continue to learn with a sense of autonomy and career awareness as they aim to improve themselves. In addition to conventional programs, the college offers a variety of programs, including business skills such as leadership and coaching, and career support training for different age groups, to promote a culture of continuous learning. In the direction of human resource development, we plan to further brush up the Hankyu Hanshin College and promote initiatives in which employees of all group companies can participate.

Incentive system

The Hankyu Hanshin Department Store has established a system to reward hard workers from among all sales staff and staff for their efforts to improve sales and services and realize our vision. Each quarter, we commend individuals and sales units that have achieved outstanding results, and the rewards committee decides who will receive special commendations from among them. The food supermarkets Izumiya and Hankyu Oasis are conducting joint sales promotion campaigns to take advantage of the Group's economies of scale and to increase staff motivation. Each of Izumiya and Hankyu Oasis scores stores on the rate of achievement of numerical targets and their ingenuity in creating sales floors, and then selects and commends the best stores.

A well-equipped training centers

We have a training facility (Maishima School) that can be used by group companies. The Maishima School has large classrooms that can be used flexibly according to the content of the training, as well as accommodations, and can accommodate up to 130 people at a time. The dedicated facilities not only allow for highly concentrated training but are also used by many group companies as a place to deepen communication among participants. Izumiya and Hankyu Oasis have also established training centers exclusively for their respective companies, offering a full range of training programs that enable participants to learn practical skills such as display techniques and cash register operations, in addition to processing techniques for agricultural products, livestock, marine products, and delicatessen products.