Support the healthy growth (future) of local children who will lead the next generation.

Direction of efforts

  • We will create a place where children can meet people who will lead them to their dreams.
  • Creating opportunities for learning through exciting experiences and opening the window of opportunities for children.
  • Participating in local parenting and supporting family-oriented living.

HANKYU Kodomo (children's) College (Hankyu Umeda Main Store)

We provide opportunities for children to experience a variety of occupations and professional skills that will enable them to make new discoveries and broaden their interests. The goal is to create a generation of children who will one day want to recreate the same
experience for their children. When they become adults, they will say, "I had a fun experience at Hankyu!" or "I want to tell my children about it!"

Eco-Study Group (Izumiya)

This program is designed to show children the store's eco-friendly efforts via a tour of the store and it's back dock and to get them thinking about environmental issues.
After the eco-learning session, participating children sometimes comment to the store manager, "I became a fan of yours because you explained things in a fun way.

Kodomo (Children's) Smiling Project

This is a project to deliver "food" and related "experiences" necessary for the mental and physical growth of many children, through the provision of the“ Work Experience-Type Nutrition Education Program”.
In September 2022, Hankyu Sennan Green Farm, which supports this initiative, held a "rice harvesting experience" in which participants learned how rice is grown and harvested. 17 children tried harvesting rice for the first time.

 (Project Executive Committee: Sustainable Food Chain Association (SFA), OZMA Inc., NPO Deep People, Funded by: The Nippon Foundation)

Hankyu Hanshin Yume-Machi (dream-town) Challenge Team

This is a hands-on learning program for elementary school students held by the Hankyu Hanshin Holdings Group during summer vacation as a social contribution activity.
Our Group endorses this initiative and has been participating since 2018. In FY2023, Hankyu Hanshin Department Stores, Inc., Izumiya Co., Ltd., and H2O Shopping Center Development Co., Ltd. offered 6 programs unique to the retail industry, including work experience in stores to provide children with a variety of fun experiences.

Wagamama (in their own way) SDGs

Wagamama SDGs is an SDGs demonstration project in which high school students work together to "prototype" solutions to social issues that they have discovered as their own.
We want to participate as a partner to work together to support high school students'“ unique and typical desire in their own way" to change their future for the better through problem-solving.

Sponsor : Liberta School General Incorporated Association