To remain indispensable to the local communities through our activities of providing a model of lifestyle to local residents

Our driving motivation is to satisfy the expectations of our customers and shareholders, as well as our business partners, employees and all other stakeholders, while contributing to society as a whole.

Group Vision

To be a customer’s lifestyle partner to enrich their hearts through offering "fun, happy and tasty" experiences.

H2O Retailing Group Code of Conduct

Everything we do is for the sake of satisfying the expectations and earning the trust of our customers.

  1. We seek to always accurately identify our customers' needs and to provide superior products and services to meet these needs.
  2. We faithfully honor the promises we make to customers and work to accommodate their requests via prompt, sincere service.
  3. Safety and peace of mind are of paramount importance in our products, services and sales spaces.
  4. We both accurately depict and appropriately explain our products and services.
  5. We ensure that customers' personal information is managed and utilized in an appropriate manner.

We pursue our business with a sincere heart and motivated spirit.

  1. As times change, so do we via perpetually forward-looking and effective ideas that are the result of independent thinking and initiative.
  2. We stay properly informed about, and adhere to, social norms and laws, as well as work regulations and other corporate rules.
  3. We ensure that the management and use of corporate assets, such as products, money and physical goods, as well as important data, is both appropriate and ethical.

We all work together to create and maintain the optimal workplace environment for the business we pursue.

  1. We strive to create work spaces which are vibrant and full of communication.
  2. We respect the distinctiveness of each individual and are committed to protecting their rights and their privacy.
  3. We pledge not to engage in conduct that could lead to discrimination or harassment, including sexual and power harassment.

We adhere to the rules governing fair and honest business transactions and seek to cultivate partnerships with our clients.

  1. We do not take advantage of power dynamics to make unreasonable demands of clients. Further, we do not engage in unfair business practices, for example involving association with cartels or bid-rigging.
  2. We maintain right and proper relationships with clients and do not accept any gifts or hospitality which common sense would deem inappropriate.
  3. We do not infringe on other parties’ copyrights, trademarks, or other intellectual property rights.

We are proactive about contributing to society.

  1. We do not conceal information, rather we disclose it in a proper and timely manner to build good relationships with stakeholders both inside and outside the company.
  2. We actively take the initiative in protecting the environment, contributing to society, and otherwise working to realize a sustainable society.
  3. Under no circumstances do we accommodate the unreasonable demands of antisocial groups or individuals.

Origin of Our Company Name

We adopted the name “H2O Retailing” to express how our basic philosophy is to be as essential as water (H2O) to society.
With our core business built around the Hankyu and Hanshin Department Stores, we engage in competition and cooperation that enriches customers lives and maintains our position within local communities as an essential source of information about the urbane and fashionable.